About Soccerstato

  • SoccerStato is a windows based software application which contains many useful features to improve and speed up your football betting analysis.

  • SoccerStato brings team statistics and live odds together into one application for fast evaluation of upcoming football events.

  • SoccerStato allows all statistics and odds data to be sent to Microsoft Excel, allowing users to perform calculations, filter events and find qualifying bets more quickly.

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Main Features


With Over 900 statistics available per event, generated from full historical result data you have a wealth of information to assist in game selection built into one easy to use application.

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Supported Markets

Over 60 markets are supported for analysis with back, lay and traded volumes. Create in-play style coupons quickly for any supported markets.

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Excel integration

Find qualifying bets that meet your criteria by defining statistics and odds rules in Microsoft Excel. Apply your rules to the daily football coupon, highlighting potential bets in a fraction of the time.

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Create Betting Systems

Specify the countries and leagues, statistics and odds required by a system. Quickly apply the system to the daily coupon. Move qualifying events to System Tabs.

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Record Keeping

Easily keep records of qualifying games and system trials by exporting lists to Microsoft Excel. Quickly add result data to your records with the Result Service Tool.

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Latest Feature !

SoccerStato Historical allows you to back test your systems using both statistics and odds data.

Use the built-in statistics to find qualifying events and Betfair historical odds data to play out in-play trading scenarios.

Determine the long-term profitability of your system in a fraction of the time and find profitable new systems ready to go for the new season

Why use SoccerStato


  • Speed up your Analysis

    With statistics and odds loaded into one application you can analyse football matches in a fraction of the time. No need to browse 100′s of website pages to gather your betting information.

  • Versatile Analysis

    SoccerStato has many user defined settings to give you control over the statistics generated. You control the number of games used to generate statistics. Want to know Manchester United’s Over 2.5% based on their last 10 home games, no problem.

  • Generate your own custom statistics

    You have access to every teams’ data through integration with Microsoft Excel allowing you to create your own custom statistics.

  • Easily find qualifying bets

    Define your statistics and odds criteria in Microsoft Excel and apply to the daily Betfair coupon.

  • Create Odds coupons for any Market

    Quickly and easily create odds coupons for any of the supported Betfair markets. Want an in-play style coupon for the Under / Over markets, no problem.

  • Expand into New Markets

    SoccerStato’s time saving features allows you to expand your betting into new markets

  • Research New Leagues

    You have the statistics and odds available for over 400 leagues allowing you to expand your existing betting systems into new leagues.

Frequently Questions


Q: How many leagues / teams are supported?

A: The SoccerStato database currently covers 81 Countries, 480 Leagues and over 3,500 Teams.

It covers approximately 90% of the Betfair Coupon each day. The 10% not covered is generally very minor league teams where the Betfair liquidity is extremely low and the markets are not turned in-play.

The SoccerStato database is constantly updated and new countries, leagues and teams can be added at any time without the need for a new release.

If the league that you require is not supported then please contact the SoccerStato development team and we will consider adding it to the database.

Q: Which languages are supported?

A: SoccerStato is a new product and has been developed in English. It is planned to add language support in the future. If you would like to see SoccerStato available in your language please contact the development team

It should be noted that SoccerStato adjusts all fixture times to the users local time zone. All dates are shown in the English format of dd/mm/yyyy and all times are in 24 hour clock format.

Q: I don’t have access to Betfair can I still use SoccerStato?

A: Yes you can, but only in a limited way. You can obtain a fixture list from the SoccerStato Server and analyse team statistics but you will not have access to any odds data.*

* This feature will be available from version 2.4 due for release on 01/05/2013.

SoccerStato intend to add bookmaker support to the software in a future release. If you have a particular bookmaker that you would like to see implemented then please let us know using the contact form.

Q: How often are the team statistics updated?

A: Team statistics are updated every 4 hours. If a team play at 12:00 their result will be available in the database at 16:00.

The Result Updater Tool will be able to insert results into your record keeping files 4 hours after Kick off.*

* Available in version 2.4 onwards due for release on 01/05/2013.

Q: Will SoccerStato allow Bet Placement?

A: The free to use version is intended to be used as an analysis tool. The program has many useful features to get you to the right place on the Betfair website to place bets quickly and easily, such as double-clicking a price cell or using the market links within price controls.

It is planned to implement bet placement and automated betting triggers in a future release.

Q: I’m a football punter. How will SoccerStato help me?

A: Football betting is all about identifying value bets. To identify value you need to know the percentage chance of something happening within a league or for a team. Having this information is key and SoccerStato allows this information to be gathered quickly and compared to live odds.

Bringing statistics and odds together onto one application screen makes betting analysis easy to manage, freeing up time to look into new systems.

SoccerStato is an excellent tool to extend your existing betting systems into new countries and leagues where your system would work equally as well but you don’t normally have the time to research.