Soccer Statistics and Odds Analysis Software

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    is a windows based software application which contains many useful features to improve and speed up your football betting analysis.

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    brings team statistics and live odds together into one application for fast evaluation of upcoming football events.

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    allows all statistics and odds data to be sent to Microsoft Excel, allowing users to perform calculations, filter events and find qualifying bets more quickly.

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    SoccerStato now Includes Historical Season data

    which allows accurate back testing of systems using historical statistics and odds data. Historical seasons also includes an array of team and league performance reports for previous seasons.

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About SoccerStato


Find qualifying bets that mee your criteria by defining statistics and odds rules. Apply your rules to the daily football coupon, highlightin potential bets in a fraction of the time !


With Over 900 statistics per event, generated from full historical result data you have a wealth of information to assist in game selection built into one easy to use application !


Specify the countries and leagues, statistics and odds required by a system. Quick apply the system to the daily coupon.


Easily keep records of qualifying games and system trials by exporting lists to Microsoft Excel. Quickly add result data to your records with the Result Service Tool !

SoccerStato Filters

Soccerstato now has 6 available filters* built into the software with 6 proven systems advised to get you up and running profitably as quickly as possible. As well as the advised systems these filters can be used in many other ways to generate profits across any league or match.

*Extra Charge is applicable to the available filters

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Statistics Per Event

Why Use SoccerStato

With statistics and odds loaded into one application you can analyse football matches in a fraction of the time. No need to browse 100’s of website pages to gather your betting information.
SoccerStato has many user defined settings to give you control over the statistics generated. You control the number of games used to generate statistics. Want to know Manchester United’s Over 2.5% based on their last 10 home games, no problem.
You have access to every teams’ data through integration with Microsoft Excel allowing you to create your own custom statistics.
Define your statistics and odds criteria in Microsoft Excel and apply to the daily Betfair coupon.
Quickly and easily create odds coupons for any of the supported Betfair markets. Want an in-play style coupon for the Under / Over markets, no problem.
SoccerStato’s time saving features allows you to expand your betting into new markets
You have the statistics and odds available for over 400 leagues allowing you to expand your existing betting systems into new leagues.

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